Ten reasons to choose a wedding planner to organise your Thailand wedding.


  • You would like to have less stress

Wedding days are great events that require a great deal of research, planning, and proper organisation. The pre-wedding preparation is often quite stressful, but not more than the wedding day itself.  For those seeking a smooth and less stress Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui wedding process, the need for a wedding planner cannot be emphasised enough.

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Wedding planners stick with you from planning to the last second of your wedding day. On this special day, you would certainly need someone who can talk to you, oversee the smooth flow of the wedding processes, and guarantee the success of every instance.

During your destination wedding, wedding planners accompany you and provide answers to partners and the guest’s questions on your behalf, letting you enjoy your moment with your best half, family and friends.

The Luxury Events Thailand team is always on top of things when it comes to resolving the wrong things that may happen at the very last minute (say a missing table or your DJ falls ill) and hamper the smooth running the day’s processes. 


  1. You need an attentive ear to target your expectations and focus your vision

Got ideas for your wedding decoration? A wedding planner will help you blend the good colours with an excellent atmosphere at your perfect wedding venue!. All have to do is be in harmony, but this is easier said than done. A wedding planner will help you to choose your wedding theme, the theme that corresponds to yours values, while keeping the interest of both parties at heart. Sometimes, the bride and the groom’s vision have to be well understood by planning partners to avoid surprises during the celebration day: this is where a wedding planner comes handy.

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  1. You want help to make your dream came true

Your wedding comes only once in a lifetime, which is why this day has to be exactly as you expect, if not better…! A Wedding planner will respect all your wishes and accommodate them with your budget to make the day truly special and fulfilling…! If you’re not willing to make any compromises on this day, a wedding planner is indispensable. They will always be respectful about your choices and comprehensive about your expectations. Wedding planners bring you to a real waking dream…!

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  1. You would like to be in relation with the best providers

Many people want to get married in Thailand, but they don’t really know how and where to get married in such country. Most couples chose their providers based on online researches and sampled web opinions. This is where the wedding planner comes to the rescue of every couple. A wedding planner helps you work with providers who closely match your personality, vision, and budget. Most professional wedding planners have an important network of vendors with whom they work closely, and sometimes whose work they can vouch for.

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  1. You want to get a vendor discount

Most professional wedding planners have an important address book and always work closely with numerous providers. Wedding planners are experts in negotiation, and they would give you access to the best rate. Being oriented with their advice and knowledge would enable you to make the most of your budget by choosing the wedding planner who meets your needs.

Without a doubt, engaging a wedding planner can significantly reduce the overall price of your wedding! You can consider that as a profitable investment as far as the time, the quality and the money is concerned. 

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  1. You need help with your budget constraints.

A lot of our clients revealed this to us, they were in hesitation about taking a wedding planner because they thought that it would be too expensive. But when they chose to work with us, they could not hide their amazement and satisfaction. It’s no secret that you can always save money using the services of a wedding planner. You may be having an idea about how much you want to invest in your perfect day, but do you know how to manage this budget to cater for all the day’s needs such as flowers, venue’ rent, catering…?

Wedding planners have the experience to budget your preferred capital appropriately.

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  1. You need to hire vendors you can trust

 “If you don’t have trust, you have nothing”- this is particularly true when it comes to choosing a vendor to work with. A wedding planner will always recommend reputable vendors to you to avoid damaging their reputation. Hence, hiring a wedding planner gives you more confidence in vendors, and eventually help you save time, and money and boost your confidence on the wedding day.

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  1. You should be 100% present for your wedding day

During your big day, peace of mind is one of the most important things to you. You should be able to count on your wedding planner to handle every instance of it without any hitches.

-Manage the services’ providers: the hairdresser, the make-up artist, the photographer, the cinematographer, the florist, etc., needs to be well handled and get answers whenever they require.

 -Welcome your guests: Your guests may be having a lot of questions, and they will certainly need all the answers. This is where wedding planners come to your rescue. Throughout this special day, we will designate your guests’ sitting places, take good care of them and answer all their questions. “Where are the toilets?” “Where is the children space?” “At what time does the ceremony begin?” are some of the questions we’ll be glad to answer on your behalf.

-Planning management: For all the plans that you set with other wedding organisers, we will follow up every delegation of duty to ensure every step is respected and completed promptly

-The implementation of the venue decoration (ceremony and dinner).

-The organisation of the surprise animations of your guests: Maybe your guests want to prepare you a surprise, and it is apparent that it is not up to you to help them to plan the project or plan, or with the DJ. You don’t need to worry; a wedding planner will always have you covered.

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  1. You don’t have time for preparation

Organising a wedding is a lengthy and tiring process. First, you have to find the venue and theme the decorations for the ceremony, and for the entire place. Then, you have to prepare the menu in relation to your values and religion (think about your vegetarian friend for example). You also have to get flowers from a good florist, book the tables and decide on how the vendors will deliver them to the ceremony, how to arrange the chairs during the ceremony, the location of the bar, the kitchen, the table reception, the dance floor, the lounge bar, the music DJ and so forth. Without a wedding planner, things could easily head south.

 You just need to explain your requirements and wedding planners will draw plans according to your wishes and likes..!

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  1. Would you like advice and new ideas for the decoration or the planning?

Wedding planners have a lot of energy and various ideas to give you. With them, you will find new inspirations for activities or decoration, flowers but also for the way to place the table, handle your guests, and plan the day.

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