It’s Phuket Wedding Photographer Time at Bliss Beach Club


An amazing day at Bliss Beach Club, Phuket for the wedding of Winston and Angie. We initially met in Hong Kong a few months before to discuss their amazing wedding day plans in Thailand and it was obvious from our chat this was going to be another spectacular day to be a Phuket wedding photographer. We really were blessed with some amazing weather too, and the bride and groom were such fun to work with. We started the day as a Phuket wedding photographer at the Pullman Hotel, where we were able to capture beautiful candid moments of everyone getting ready for the Chinese Tea ceremony that was planned that morning.

To begin with bride and groom party played wedding games, which made for some spectacular wedding photography, as the boys were made to do many things and pay lots of money to impress the bride enough to be let into the room. We have covered this in the blog gallery and hope you enjoy reliving this amazing part of the day. We have added some beautiful pictures of the Western Ceremony here, and also added some of our favourite shots of Winston and Angie, taken during our time together both after the Chinese Ceremony, and after the Western Ceremony later in the day. A crazy night of partying followed the speeches, and we have tried to include a few of these shots to help tell the story of this amazing wedding.

Thanks so much for inviting us to be your official wedding photographers, it was an honour to photograph such a special day.

Running a photographic agency in Phuket Thailand covering international wedding ceremonies is always amazing, couples from all around the world come here to Thailand bringing their own cultural uniqueness to the occasions, it really is beautiful to watch and record these stunning fairy-tale moments unfold.

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