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FAQ – Thailand Wedding Cost


Why do I need a wedding planner?

A wedding planner has all the experience needed to help you sleep worry free, he/she will not only guild you with your scheduling but they will help maximise your budget, organise and manage all your wedding vendors, and most important point of hiring a wedding planner is that you can hand everything over to them to manage, insuring everything goes smoothly from beginning to end.


How much does the average Thailand wedding cost?

It really depends on your taste and your budget BUT to give you a rough idea the average wedding with 30-40 guests will cost somewhere around $20-30,oooUSD not including venue rental fee. 


Are there specific vendors you like to use? What is your process for selecting and hiring them? 

Absolutely, we will only use vendors that supply excellent quality, understand we are a “Luxury” brand so we only work with vendors that are prepared to go the extra mile with the same passion and energy that we have.

Can you be flexible with different vendors based on my budget and needs?

Yes we have a large list of trusted vendors and can make adjustments based on your budget however we can not recommend vendors with a bad reputation for your protection and to maintain our standard.

How much is your fee?

We cant give that any here but I can tell you how most wedding & event planners in the world will charge. Event planners on average do not have a set fee but we do have a min fee, planners globally charge between 10%-20% of your overall budget or the minimum fee whichever comes first.

My wedding is during the rainy season, what will we do if it rains?

No problem our wedding planners will work with you to develop a “PLAN B” in the event there is rain. If the venue doesnt have an indoor “PLAN B” then we can set up a beautiful marquee (at extra cost)

When I get my first quote from you, is that the final price?

No, you can choose to remove or add any items or services you want until your dream wedding at your budget is met. (some services and items are necessary)

Should I have my wedding at a private villa or resort?

Both offer unique experiences but we would say that most of the WOW comes from the private villas as you have the entire property to yourself with  no curfews.


When is the best time of the year to get married in Thailand?

This will vary from the location in Thailand you will have your wedding, for example Phuket’s rainy season is from June to the end of Oct and Koh Samui’s rainy season is Aug to the end of Dec. but in general the months Feb, March and April are hot, sunny and dry. 

Who is the best wedding Photographer?

Well photography is subjective and everyone has different “likes” and “dislikes” but one thing you can consider is the photographer’s online portfolio, online reviews and how many years they have in the business. Luxury Events owner Daniel Baci is one of the leading photographers and videographers for destination weddings in Thailand so have a look at his website HERE.

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