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Private Villa Weddings


With access to some of the finest properties in Thailand, we have a selection of spectacular private villas suitable for small or large scale weddings and events, with truly superstar views overlooking the beautiful Phuket and Samui island beaches and ocean.

Celebrating your wedding at a luxury villa gives you the most intimate experience for you and your guests to relax in your own little paradise.

Resort Weddings


Being a world-class holiday destination, Thailand has a superb selection of 5 star boutique hotels. We have been working closely with luxury resorts to plan and deliver full serviced weddings of all sizes to the same high standards you would expect from a five star hotel anywhere else in the world, we can also provide everything from one day co-ordination to custom styled wedding services. We naturally have access to the best hotel rates available.

Beach Weddings


We are surrounded by endless miles of white sandy beaches in Phuket & Koh Samui, so having a wedding on the beach seems almost natural and definitely the reason our clients choose Thailand for their destination wedding.

Gay Weddings


Even though Thailand has not legalised gay marriage, with the spectacular scenery, boasting crystal turquoise waters and white sun drenched beaches, is the perfect backdrop for gay couples to get married and celebrate their civil union. Choose from hand-picked stunning private villas, boutique resorts or exclusive island locations.

Thai Ceremony


It is common for our clients to add an element of a “Thai Tradition” to their sunset Western Ceremony. Our staff can also arrange a full Thai traditional ceremony beginning in the early morning with chanting Monks, followed by a water blessing.

Jewish Weddings


We take great delight in producing the more traditional weddings that demand certain religious aspects to be adhered to. The Tish, Ketubah signing, B’deken, Chuppah, Circling, Kiddushin are customs we have arranged for both small intimate and larger Jewish weddings. Each has its demands and obligations and we take a special pride ensuring these are met.

Indian Weddings


Indian weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs, and involve many intricate ceremonies, such as the mehndi, sangeet, prayers, the mandap and much more. We revel in these traditions and love the energy of the 3 day celebrations, with our team adapting and learning many new customs in the process.

Chinese Weddings


While Chinese weddings have become infused with Western wedding traditions, we still add the traditional elements of the bridal pick up, tea ceremony, gate crash games and other Chinese cultural traditions.


Perfect Day

The choices surrounding your destination, Thailand wedding are endless and sometimes overwhelming. We can help! We have all the tools and experience to produce your one perfect day.
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