Even before they got engaged, Justino always told Verna he wanted to have a destination wedding but just didn’t know where. Being lovers of all things travel – especially group trips with friends – Justino had mentioned how awesome it would be if their wedding was one “really big villa trip.” A week or two before Justino proposed, he discovered a resort villa on Koh Samui and immediately sent the link to Verna asking, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” One month after getting engaged (with all of their family and friends hiding in the back bedroom – the video is priceless), they visited Samujana and knew they had found the perfect destination to start their lives together.

Rewind 8 years and Verna and Justino were just meeting through a mutual friend. Although Verna had grown up in California, she moved to Hong Kong after college to help with her family’s business. Justino was from Hong Kong and had returned after undergrad at NYU. It wasn’t until 2010 that Verna and Justino, during long summer nights and obsessive beer pong battles, saw their friendship really grow and transform into something so much more.

Over their wedding weekend, it was so special witnessing not only the bond between Verna and Tino, but between them and their family and friends. They are such a tight-knit group and it really felt like the “big villa trip” (with ridiculously gorgeous details added to the mix) that they envisioned for their celebration. We know it wasn’t an easy planning experience for either of them, but seeing the look between the Verna and Tino during their surprise firework display, to me – summed up the entire weekend perfectly. What a weekend. What a dream team of vendors. And seriously…what a couple. Verna and Tino, we can’t thank you two enough for trusting us to be a part of it all.

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