Luke’s uncle was the celebrant. At the ceremony, there was a table full of symbolic items – called “Sofreh Aghd”. There were Quran, coloured seeds (to ward of evil spirits), nuts & eggs for fertility, gold coins for wealth, pastries for a sweet life, bread for prosperity, fruit for the divine creation of mankind, rose water to perfume the air and honey to use in the ceremony.

Luke and the groomsmen walked down the aisle to a remix of the great Australian song “Land Down Under”, by Men at Work, while Farimah walked down the aisle to “Over the Rainbow”, by Israel Kamakawiwo.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom dip their pinky fingers in a cup of honey placed in their Sofreh and put it in the others’ mouth. “This gesture symbolizes the start of their marriage with sweetness and love”, explains Jeanette